Bliss Beeswax & Soy Candle

Bliss Beeswax & Soy Candle


If you love candles, but don't like scented candles, then this is the candle for you.  Bliss is a simple unscented bee and soy wax candle.  You still get the beautiful look of a candle burning, without the scent.

Our candle jars are each hand cut from glass bottles by Ketut in Bali, Indonesia. Ketut was once a 'tip picker', searching rubbish dumps for items she could sell to survive. After, learning glass cutting skills with a charity, Ketut now has her own small business & teaches other impoverished women glass cutting skills.

Each candle makes a difference to a woman's life.

We believe that our candle glasses are too beautiful to throw out and Ketut has worked too hard to create them for us, so let's reuse them.  At home you can clean them out and use them as drinking glasses (surely anything served in recycled champagne bottles takes a little fancier), storage containers or if you can't use them at home then bring them back to our shop and we will recycle them back into new candles.  We will give you $5 for each of our glass jars you bring back.