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10 Simple Self-Care Ideas For Springtime

 10 Easy Self-Care Ideas to add to your day

It's time to welcome the new season with open arms and renewed energy. 

As busy women, we often forget to take care of ourselves amidst the chaos of daily life, but taking the time to add small moments of self-care could make your day run a whole lot smoother.  

Here’s our go-to list of super easy ways to add self-care and mindfulness to our day.  Why not add some of these to your daily routine and feel the difference it makes to your springtime? 

1. Win Your Morning 

Make the most of the peaceful early mornings.  Waking up early can sometimes feel hard, but it’s these moments before the household is up and busy that can be the most productive or most restful for your whole day.

2. Add some play to your day

Adding some play to your day not only makes it more fun, but can also change your mood.  When we play and have fun our serotonin levels are boosted.  High serotonin levels are associated with improved sleep patterns and a more positive outlook on life.  So go on, play Lego with your kids, kick the footy or just skip down the hall instead of walking to get the washing out of the washing machine.  

3. Dance like nobody's watching

Yep, put on your favourite music, turn it up loud and dance like crazy.  If the kids are sleeping, then put in your headphones, close the bedroom door and have your own silent disco.  This one is a guaranteed mood booster for us.  

4. Take a social media break 

Taking a break from screens is a self-care idea that can help you disconnect and refocus your attention on what's important.  It’s so easy to just scroll aimlessly and waste so much time without even realising it.  So, next time you feel the urge to scroll, why not do something else instead?  How about stretching, going for a short walk or having a cup of tea?  If you do want to scroll, then why not set a timer so you don't scroll on forever.  

5. Nourish your body with healthy food

Grab an apple, some grapes or a handful of nuts when you feel peckish during the day.  These healthy snacks will give your body and mind the boost that they need to get through the mid-afternoon slump.  Prep them first thing in the morning, so they are easy to grab and eat, instead of something else that doesn’t give your body the nourishment it needs. 

6. Calm Walks in Nature

Taking a daily walk is a simple yet effective way to prioritise your self-care this spring. It's a great way to unwind, reconnect with nature, and find a peaceful escape from the busyness of life. A daily walk can help improve your cardiovascular health, boost your mood, and reduce stress levels.

7. Nice Scents, Nice Vibes

Add calm, soothing scents to your room to help relax and unwind effortlessly.  Light a candle, add a diffuser, use a room spray or even bring in some fresh flowers.  We have plenty of lovely scents in our candle and diffuser range that can add a beautiful calming scent to your room.

8. Start a Gratitude Journal

Embrace the joy of gratitude by jotting down the positive moments in a journal.  At the end of each day, write down three things that made you smile that day.  Keep it simple, so it doesn't become an overwhelming task. Research shows keeping a log of what you are thankful for can lower stress, help you sleep better, and may even reduce the risk of heart disease.

9. Speed Spring Clean

When things get overwhelming and your space looks dirty and unloved, why not stop what you are doing and turn the music up loud and do a 10-minute tidy-up.  Set a timer and go hard for 10 mins.  It’s amazing what you can achieve in 10 short minutes and how much happier it will make you feel.

Doing a closet cleanout is also a good self-care idea that combines practicality with self-reflection for everyone in the family. Take some time to evaluate the items in your closet and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. When you let go of clothes that no longer fit or bring you joy, you make room for new and exciting opportunities. You can also donate items to those in need and make a positive impact in your community.

10. Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep is a crucial self-care idea that can have a huge impact on your physical and mental well-being. This spring, focus on getting enough restful sleep each night to help you feel refreshed and energised. So turn off the lights, get into bed, and give yourself the gift of restful sleep. Your mind and body will thank you.


Try these easy self-care tips and see how spring becomes a time of feeling great, for you and the people you love most.

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