Candles That Change Lives

+ Providing safe and fair work opportunities for underprivilaged Mums

+ Education for her children

+ Supporting safe and clean housing for street mums

+ Providing nutritious food for underprivileged mums & their children

+ Supporting access to health care

Meet Ketut and the Mum's of the Bali Street Mum's Project. These Mum's make Gather + Harvest's candle jars in Denpasar, Bali.   

The women are from the poorest communities of Bali and were once beggars on the street or 'tip pickers' ie spending their days searching local rubbish dumps for items they could use or sell to survive. They would do this with her young children in tow or strapped to her back.  

They now collect used glass bottles from recycling centres, then cut and sand them into the beautiful and unique glass vessels for our candles.  

Each takes them considerable time and skill to create, but these glasses are slowly changing their lives.  

Ethical + Sustainable Candles

Gather + Harvest is proud to team up with Bali Street Mum's Project to create candle jars that are making a difference to these underprivileged women's lives.

Through buying a candle you're helping women like Ketut to learn new work skills and to earn a livable wage for themselves and their children.

The mum's are provided with a safe work environment, clean and safe housing, health care & money management education.

When you buy a candle it means that a mum no longer has to beg on the street or pick through tips. Instead, the candles are changing the future of the Mum's and their kids.

Each candle you buy changes a woman's life

If an Indonesian child has not learnt to read or write by the time they are 8 years old they're not allowed to attend a government school.

Through Bali Street Mum's Project, every child is given an education. Prior to being involved with the Project most of the children have never attended school.

Education of the Mum's and their children is essential in breaking the cycle of poverty.

+ Handcrafted from recycled bottles

+ Eco-friendly Candles

+ Paraffin Free Candles

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Sustainable + Ethical + Beautiful Candles