Meet Our Maker

Meet Ketut, she makes our candle vessels in Denpasar, Bali.   She collects used glass bottles from hotels, bars and resorts then cuts and sands them down into the beautiful and unique glasses.  Each takes her considerable time and skill to create, but these glasses are slowly changing Ketut's life.  

Ketut was once a 'tip picker', ie she would spend her days searching local rubbish dumps for items she could use or sell to survive.  She would do this with her young children in tow or strapped to her back.  Several years ago she started to attend Bali Street Mum's charity project, where she learnt to cut bottles into glasses.  Ketut worked hard to develop her skills and refine her technique and now no longer attends the centre, instead working from her home.  Ketut has also began to teach her skills to other impoverished women, so they too can make a difference in their own lives.

We love supporting Ketut and her journey to a different life. Each candle you buy can help Ketut on this path.