Ethical Self-Care + Wellness

Care is at the core of who we are and what we do at Gather + Harvest.  Caring about our environment (how could we not care about this beautiful Victorian Alpine area that we call home), caring for the people who make our products and caring for you, our lovely customer.    

Looking across the Kiewa Valley towards Mt Bogong in regional Victoria.  Large blue/grey eucalyptus mountains.

We don’t see the point in using or producing self-care & wellness products that make our world a lesser place.  The worries of the world are wearing us all down and our self-care routine should not be adding to this stress.  We want to create products that we are proud of, make you feel wonderful and help to make the world a better place.   

Our approach is to always be looking for ways to do better and change how things are done.  How can we do the best for our planet and our people when we create products for you?  We want to make it easy for you to purchase, without being concerned that your purchase is impacting the world in a negative way.  

We hand make self-care products that have a soul and a story

What does it mean to you our customer?

When you buy from us you can feel comfortable in what you are purchasing is making a difference. We guarantee the following:

+ No plastic packaging

+ No nasty chemicals

+ Supporting women and their children through our candle jar production

+ Using recycled and recyclable products

+ Supporting and purchasing from local farmers

+ Sourcing quality ingredients that produce the best product for you and the earth

We keep pushing forward to inspire a sustainable and ethical approach to self-care and wellness products.   

What is conscious consumerism?

The dry and boring definition is

“Conscious consumerism is when buying practices are driven by a commitment to making purchasing decisions that have a positive social, economic & environmental impact.”   

But, the easiest way to remember what conscious consumerism is that we “think before we buy”.  

8 Simple Steps To Be a More Conscious Consumer

We all know that our lifestyle and consumption habits affect the earth & all that live on it, but we can make a difference by making a few simple changes in our lives.  Our mission is to inspire people to transform from mindless consumerism towards making more conscious decisions.  Here are 8 simple steps that you can take:

1. Buy Locally & Support Small Businesses 

Supporting small businesses is a great way of shopping more consciously.  You’re supporting communities instead of putting your money in the pockets of a multinational corporation.  In return you're getting better quality and service and helping to improve your local community.  

2. Buy Quality Over Quantity

When you choose high-quality pieces over a higher number of low-quality pieces, you’ll notice your items will age better and last longer.  This will often save you money in the long run and it’s also better for the environment. 

3. Reduce your waste

This goes hand in hand with the last point of buying quality over quantity.  By buying well and once you reduce the amount of waste you are producing in the long run.  Avoid products that also have excess packaging, plastic packaging or non-recyclable packaging.  Bring your own containers or items to reduce the amount of single use waste you produce.

4. Buy from Sustainable and Ethical Brands

Supporting brands that do good and help to create the world that we want to live in is good for everyone.  When we choose ethical, sustainable and fair-trade products it shows all businesses that we care about what we buy and we want them to care too.  What we choose not to buy can be just as powerful as what we do buy.  Showing a stance with our wallets is important in showing businesses that we want things done differently

5. Think Before You Buy

Maybe you recoginse this scenario….you run into the store at the last minute and pick up something that “does the trick” only for it to disappear in the back of the closet and be virtually unworn.  A great way to avoid poor buys is taking it slow.  Before mindlessly scrolling through online shops or hitting the shopping centres, invest some time in what you need, write a list of the items that you need and then do some research.  Pay attention to detail and consider style, colour, price, longevity and anything else that is important to you.  Allow yourself some time to consider the purchase before buying.  

6. Buy earth friendly products

Buy products that are made with natural ingredients and materials eg composting phone cases, compostable zip-lock bags, bamboo toothbrushes.  There are so many amazing earth friendly products on the market these days. 

7. Buy only what you need

I’m sure we can all recall a time when we bought what we thought was a bargain, but never used the product and really it was just a waste of money.  Take the time to think if it's something that you really need.  

8. Think about the product's life span 

Is it a product that you will use for a long time or is it just a short-term solution?  Can the product be easily recycled at the end of its life or is it compostable?  

How to create an easy self-care ritual


In this fast paced world, it's important that we all take a little time for ourselves. It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of the world, but a few simple moments in your day could completely change your mindset and reenergise you. 

50 Simple self-care ideas to add to your everyday routine

It's time for a little you time. Here are simple ideas for you to try at home, as well as a few from a little further afield. 

1) Drink a cup of soothing herbal tea

2) Write 3 things your are grateful for

3) Take a detox bath. We have the perfect essential oil filled bath bombs to make it even better

4) Write a few positive affirmations

5) Try a new face mask

6) Breathe deeply and slowly

7) Do yoga poses

8) Get some sleep. Head to bed early get some well deserved rest. Everything seems better in the morning.

9) Take a walk in nature or outside

10) Buy yourself some flowers

11) Journal

12) Declutter 10 items

13) Read a personal growth book

14) Get a massage

15) Do something that makes you laugh

16) Plan a getaway - it doesn't have to be big.

17) Stretch to relieve tension

18) Watch your favourite show

19) Have a night with friends

20) Go out on a date night

21) Give yourself (or get) a manicure

22) Call or text someone you love

23) Light your favourite candle. We have some lovely ethically made ones that will make you feel extra special

24) Listen to your favourite podcast

25) Spend time with someone who inspires you

26) Cook your favourite meal

27) Plan a spa day

28) Do a digital detox

29) Listen to your favourite music

30) Hug someone

31) Eat something healthy like a salad or smoothie

32) Get out in the sunshine

33) Take some pretty photos

34) Go to your favourite place

35) Put on some nice clothes & makeup

36) Watch a motivational TED talk

37) Watch the sunrise

38) Change your sheets

39) Do something nice for someone

40) Learn a new card/board game

41) Work on a puzzle

42) Colour in an adult colouring book

43) Do something that makes you happy

44) Read or write poetry

45) Donate to a cause

46) Put up photos of loved ones in your home

47) Go on a picnic

48) Listen to an audiobook

49) Bake an indulgent treat

50) Make yourself a fancy cocktail or coffee