How buying a candle can change someone's life

How buying a candle can change someone's life

Candles Making a Difference 

Bali is the land of Gods.  A country with an amazing culture and beautiful people.  Long sandy beaches, incredible villas and resorts and a wonderful place to holiday.  

But, behind the bright lights of Kuta and the fancy villas of Seminyak deep in the heart of Denpasar there are many people living an incredibly tough life.  They are surviving day to day, not sure where their next meal will come from.  

At nights along Sunset Road, mothers and children can be seen begging on the streets or selling tissues or small snacks to try and earn a small amount of money.  Many of these mothers have travelled many hours from their villages in desperate need of money.

The mum’s are often from very poor remote communities near Mt Kintamani.  Their villages have little water and growing their own food is difficult, due to the lack of rain.  The tropical rain storms often miss their homes and instead they live in a hot and dry landscape.

Their children often do not attend school and if a child has not learnt to read and write by 8 years, they are not allowed to attend a regular government school.  Sadly, a child's life of continued poverty is determined by the time they are 8 years old.    

Good meaning visitors and locals give money to the Mothers and children begging on the streets not knowing how else they can help.  Sadly, this well meaning gesture just perpetuates the problem and sets the women and children up for potential exploitation.  

Other mother’s head for the rubbish heaps of Denpasar, scrounging through the mess to find goods that can be recycled and sold.  It’s hot, dirty and disgusting work.  The people working in these tips are often unwell, due to the poor conditions that they live and work in.  


How can you help to make a difference?

We have teamed up with Bali Street Mum’s Project to help make a difference to these mothers' lives.  Bali Street Mum’s Project works directly with the mum’s to provide secure housing, food and healthcare, along with providing work opportunities.

The mother’s collect and cut glass water bottles, which we then make into candles at our studio in Mount Beauty, Victoria.  Each candle provides an opportunity to change a mother and her children's lives.  

When you buy a candle it directly improves a woman's life.  It provides safe and secure work opportunities for an underprivileged mum. It also provides her with secure housing, nutritious meals three times a day, healthcare and a school education for her children.  

If their children haven’t attended school before coming to the Bali Street Mum’s Project, then they attend a special private school where they can start to learn to read and write.  Through education the children can grow and make a better life for themselves.  

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Scouring a bottle with a razor blade cutter.

 A woman using a candle to heat a Balian glass bottle to break it.

Balinese woman collecting bottles from a recycling centre.  Large heaps of bottles in white bags behind the woman

A woman smiling and sanding cut glass bottles to make into candle holders

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