Candle Making Workshop in Mt Beauty Victoria

Still looking for your perfect candle scent? Why not create it yourself at our candle making workshops

We are so excited to be offering workshops again.  We have kicked off our new series of workshops with candle making and will be adding soap and bath bomb making soon.  It's so nice to have customers back in our studio creating beautiful things with us.  

During our candle making workshop you will learn about candle making, the history of candles and finally spend a long leisurely session exploring scents.  The scent exploration will have you learning about the history of scents, how our brains respond to scents and learning how to blend and create new scents for yourself.  Finally we will provide you with everything you need to create your perfectly scented candle.  

Our workshops are a fun way to spend some time with friends and family.  We offer private workshops for families, hens parties, girls weekends away or any other reason you want to get together with your mates and have some fun. How special would it be for you and your friends to create your own signature candle scent for your wedding or special occasion.

If you are visiting Mount Beauty, Bright, Beechworth or anywhere in NE Victoria why not contact us to arrange a private class or join one of our scheduled classes.  Visit our Gather + Learn page to see when our next classes are.


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