Handmade luxury soap.  Made with premium essential oils and clays.

Why using natural soaps is great for your skin

Soaps come in different sizes, shapes, scents and colours.  We all use soaps daily when washing our hands, having a shower or soaking in the tub.  But, what is the difference between a cheap soap we find at the supermarket and more expensive handmade soap from an artisan soap maker.

In general, there are two types of soaps, handmade natural soaps and commercially made soaps.  Natural soaps are generally made in small batches by artisan makers, who often sell their soaps at markets and speciality shops. They are usually made of natural oils that are beneficial to your skin.  Commercial soaps often found in supermarkets are mass produced, using cheap synthetic ingredients.  They are generally made with chemical detergents, hardeners and synthetic lathering agents, and actually can't be called a true soap.   

What are natural soaps made of 

You use soap to clean the biggest organ of our body, your skin, so it's important to know what you are putting on it.  Handmade soaps, like we make at Gather + Harvest, are made of natural skin loving ingredients.  We use olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, goats milk and other high quality ingredients that are great for your skin.  These different oils, butters & milks are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients and are what your skin, hair and body need and love.  Natural cold processed soaps are generally enriched with beneficial ingredients that originate from the earth, such as clays, salts, botanical extracts & essential oils.  These additional ingredients can help to leave your skin feeling and looking better, rather than lab produced chemicals in cheap soaps that can be drying.   

Benefits of using natural soap

One natural byproduct of the process of handmade cold-processed soap making is glycerin.  Glycerin is a great skin moisturiser, because it draws moisture to it and has emollients that softens the skin.  It's called an humectant and it attracts moisture from the air to the skin.  When made traditionally, natural soaps contain glycerin which hydrate your skin while bathing and it's one of the things that makes handmade soaps so amazing.   

Commercially produced soaps are usually processed to remove the glycerin.  The extracted glycerin is then used to manufacture other products such as creams and lotions.  Soaps without glycerin are drying and harsh and using them can cause itchiness and dry skin.  

So why not make the switch, your skin will love it.    

Natural handmade soaps are beautiful and nourishing for your skin, as they are made with skin loving oils, butters and other natural ingredients.  The traditional cold-processed soap making methods leave the soaps full of good oils and glycerin that your skin will love and appreciate.  Once you use a quality natural soap, you will not want to go back to cheap commercial soaps.  

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